On to new beginnings

Maddy Hannegrefs

Congrats! You finally made it to the end. You have finally made it through the four years. You made it through the late nights, the endless amount of homework and so much more. We have such a wonderful journalism family that you created. 

   Travis Cantonwine, a senior at Delta High School has been in journalism for two years. Cantonwine has inspired so many people on the DHS Paw Print staff to find their voice. It is sad that it is time to say goodbye, but you will do great things in the future. 

   “He is extremely vocal and very inspiring,” said Vandi Horn, an editor on the journalism staff.

   Cantonwine is a hard worker. If you put any task in front of him, he will tackle it head on. He inspires a lot of the class to go out there and write a story that nobody would really want to see. You guided us and helped us when we were new in this class. The class will not be the same without you but you helped us become a whole. 

   “He directed and put a lot of effort and passion into helping us with our production and he made the class more enjoyable by being in it and being a friend and teacher to us,” said Ryetta Davis, a web editor in the journalism staff. 

   Thank you for all that you do; we all wish you the best and we hope to keep reading your stories. Thank you for all that you have done and we wish you the best of luck to you. 

   “Travis has such a big impact on the class, and taught us and let us through the journey of journalism. It won’t be the same without his encouraging presence,” said Gaby Huggins, a writer on the journalism staff.