Note the changes: Thomas Neil as the new choir teacher


Sydney Atchley

“Music is an outburst of the soul” Delta High School has a choir program that gives students the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. And for those who are already pursuing music, it gives them inspiration and the time to improve.Michael Loeffler began as the new choir teacher in 2019 doing double duty at Delta Middle School and Delta High School. He will no longer be the choir teacher at Delta schools as of the next school year. Thomas Neil will begin taking his place in the fall. 

“I ended up getting married this past summer, and my wife’s degree is in international business,” said Loeffler. “We both love Delta, but unfortunately there’s not a lot in the way of international business happening around here, so we knew we would be needing to move soon after we got married to a bigger city.” 

Next year, Neil will be taking over as the new choir teacher at both Delta Middle School and Delta High. “I heard about this job through the school district website and applied as soon as I saw the listing,” said Neil. 

Neil, a former student at DHS, was highly involved in the choir program. He ended up in the top choirs and participated in many honor choirs. He is actively singing at CMU in some of their best choirs and is a part of the opera program. “I am beyond thrilled that he is taking over the choir, and I am certain that he will be a great fit,” said Loeffler.

Having a new choir teacher is likely to bring a lot of changes in ways of teaching, though Neil plans to resume the growth that was already implemented. “I plan to continue the growth that Mr. Loeffler has instituted and keep growing our program to be inviting to singers of all variety,” said Neil. He is very passionate about music and wants to emphasize and implement that everyone is able to participate. 

Loeffler hopes that in his absence, the choir becomes more well-known. “I wanted the choir program to be known as a source of excellence wherever we go.” 

Neil seems to have big plans in store for the school’s choir program to grow and acquire more members who are interested. “Anyone who wants to join, even if they have never sang before, are more than welcome to join us,” said Neil

Thomas Neil sings “An die ferber Geliebte” by Ludvig van Beethoven at Love Recital Hall for his Senior Recital. Neil will become the new choir teacher next fall at Delta Middle School and Delta High School.

Photo by Jenny Neil