Book Review: It Starts with Us

It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover is the sequel to It Ends with Us. It Starts with Us picks up right where It Ends with Us leaves off.

Alexia Sanchez, Editor-In-Chief

Lily Bloom, newly divorced and a new mom, runs into her first love who confesses he’s ready to be with her if she is too. Atlas has loved Lily since his childhood and she saved his life. Lily knows she wants to be with Atlas but there are too many downfalls. What if Ryle, her ex husband, finds out? What would he do? What about Emerson? In the end the pros out weigh the cons so, she agrees to a first date. 

Although the date doesn’t go as planned, it was perfect for the both of them. Throughout the book their relationship grows into something beautiful. Their love for each other has always been there and never faded. But there are a few bumps in the road, like Ryle. Ryle has never liked Atlas thinking he was the reason they got a divorced which wasn’t it was the abuse Ryle showed to Lily. Lily isn’t scared of Ryle; she’s scared of Ryle’s anger. This book is spectacular and is the perfect sequel to It Ends with Us and the love story of Lily and Atlas everyone wanted.  

This book isn’t just a romance book, but it talks about the reality of domestic violence. Lily suffered from a jealous, manipulative husband through It Ends with Us. Ryle is the father to Emerson but Lily didn’t want Emerson to go through what she had to growing up, watching her father abuse her mother. Lily makes the bold move to divorce Ryle. This resulting in Ryle becoming  the jealous, manipulative ex-husband in It Starts with Us

This book brings to light the after effects of abuse. It shows the reality and tragedy of abusive relationships. Hoover has done an amazing job of writing and getting a more accurate view of domestic violence. Most of the time the media creates an inaccurate view of domestic violence that perceives it as easy to get out of, but it’s not. Lily’s struggle to get out of it even after being divorced is told with realistic fears and struggles. Hoover is educating people about how abuse affects women through story and personal experience. Many women who go through this same situation can’t get out or are unable to. It Starts with Us may be a big time romance book but it isn’t just that, it’s also something more. 


Not only does it show unhealthy and toxic relationships, but it shows healthy ones too. Atlas and Lily’s relationship through the book is beautiful. Atlas really does love Lily and would do anything for her. Most men would be upset if a girl fell asleep on the first date but Atlas wasn’t. He let her sleep because he understood that she was exhausted. Atlas has set some ridiculous standards for relationships because he brought her lunch, drove to her house just to give her a hug and treated her with respect and lovingly. They would be the definition of soulmates.


What makes Atlas so special and one of a kind is that he never saw healthy love growing up. His mom never showed him love and would both physically and verbally abuse him until she kicked him out on his own and never saw him again till about ten years later. The fact that Atlas doesn’t want to be like his mom or his dad, who left him, strives to be better and show Lily what true love is, that soulmates are real. Overall this book is a 5/5.