Q & A With Jenna Reece, Senior Interpretation Captain

Jasmin Saenz, Web Editor

Q) What’s your backstory in this club of Speech and Debate?

A) So, I first saw them at the middle school, and I thought it was like the coolest s—t I’ve ever seen. I joined, and it was always interesting when I first saw them. As I got older, it started to grow and we started to get more competitive. Now that I am Senior Interpretation Captain, we run a very strict base, and it’s like the best I’ve ever seen it. 

Q) Why did you decide to coach the topic of interpretation?

A) Cause I’ve always done acting ever since I was in 6th grade, and I can’t debate without crying, and I can’t speak because it makes me nervous. So I act because it also, it’s like a part of me coming out that I can be myself and let loose. 

Q) Do you have any thoughts about that topic?

A) Some of the sweetest people I’ve met were in interpretation. Every interpretation kid they’re just like the sweetest kids ever and when they’re not it’s fine. But it’s just a really good field and I’ve always loved it.

Q) Do you have any thoughts about the other topics in Speech and Debate?

A) I don’t have any thoughts on the topics, but I do have thoughts on the kids. The debate kids are the most supportive people I’ve met. The speaking kids are the most constructive, they plan things out and they more like want to fix problems. They’re like cracked out but they’re supportive, they’re tired but they want to help and fix everything. So this whole entire field, they’re just amazing people.

Q) What is your biggest achievement in Speech and Debate?

A)Going to nationals twice and I’m planning to make it my third time this year.