Striking 2022 with the World Cup

Lee Arias

Every soccer fan’s favorite time of the year has arrived. This year is 2022, which makes this year to be the 22nd World Cup. Many people are estimated to watch this World Cup which is held in Qatar, with a total of 5 billion viewers world-wide.


Not only are the fans from around the world, there are also many students around DHS eager to watch and keep track of this year’s World Cup. Rodrigo Lopez, sophomore, talks about which team he’s rooting for and which match he’s most excited to watch. 

“My favorite team so far would have to be Mexico because I grew up watching them…and I’m excited to watch Poland vs Argentina because we get to see [Lionel] Messi and [Robert] Lewandowski go head to head,” said Lopez.


Another student that’s excited to watch the World Cup is Francisco Baltizar, senior. Baltizar talks about his favorite player in the World Cup, and his favorite pick to win the World Cup. “I love [Kylian] Mbappe. He plays with so much intensity and always puts his team first when he wants to win…I think France will win back-to-back World Cup this year,” said Balitzar. 


Speaking of France, let’s talk about the teams to watch this World Cup. 


According to, the top three best teams heading into this World Cup are Brazil, Belgium, and Argentina. Brazil is the top favorite to win because this year Brazil are at the top of the charts, and first name Neymar is supported with a great team around him. 

Belgium, the underdog to win, have quietly performed well at major tournaments, and Roberto Martinez looks ready to lead this team far in the Cup. Argentina, the fan-favorite to win, are expected to perform well since this could be Lionel Messi’s last World Cup ever. Fans across the world know Messi won’t disappoint and Argentina is gonna be a fun team to watch.


Beyond teams, let’s go over the top players that will participate in the World Cup and will be deciding factors for their team’s success. According to, a few players to watch are Kylian Mbappe (France) , Lionel Messi (Argentia) , Cristano Ronaldo (Portugal), first name Neymar (Brazil), first name Fabinho (Brazil) , and Michy Batshuayi (Belgium). Players from Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, are gonna be a must-watch since these are aging veterans whose World Cup could potentially be their last. Players like Fabinho, Mbappe, and Batshuayi are still young players who have a lot to prove to their teams and to their legacy. 


The first World Cup game will be Ecuador vs Qatar which will officially start Nov. 20, 9:00 AM MTN. You can stream the World Cup on Fox Sports 1, Telemundo Deportes, Fubo, Peacock, and many other services are available. 

This 2022 World Cup will definitely be action-packed and exciting to watch with all these aging veterans and young stars to prove to the world that they’re the real deal. Happy World Cup and stay tuned to see this year’s World Cup champions.