A Journey of League Champions Delta Volleyball


Sophia Chavez and Aadrey Fraser block a ball during their first match against Centari, later leading to their first loss at State 1-3.

Sophia Chavez

Volleyball is a game consisting of six players, working together on a 59-foot court, attempting the same goal: get to 25 points- for three separate sets. The positions consist of a setter, rightside, outside, middle, left back, middle back, and lastly a right back. Delta volleyball had a varsity roster consisting of 14 players, roaming from all four grade levels, heavier in the junior class than any other grade. Naming them a younger team.


Delta volleyball kicked off the season with a huge accomplishment at an Alamosa tournament. Delta lost nine seniors in total the previous year, so hopes weren’t high for this first tournament. The team had spent the season in the weight room and open gyms wishfully hoping it would help the team’s chemistry leading up to this first tournament in Alamosa. Seeing the competition led to a big realization that these girls could not only play with these other 4A and 5A division teams, but they had the capability to beat them. They played multiple games taking advantage of the competition. Delta left this tournament 1st in their bracket. 


This was the most ideal way to leave a tournament as a junior and sophomore team. With the victory behind them, Delta prepared for the upcoming tournament at CSU. This tournament offered an opportunity with a college coach where Delta took this offer and planned to alter small defects of their play after learning ball control would be a major component in their success. Delta competed with successful teams, saw new competition, and knew what to prepare for before their official season. Leaving this CSU tournament happy with their performance, they finally were days away from their first game. 


Lady Panthers matched up with Montrose high school for one of many non-league games of the season. Delta had taken a loss against Montrose for a few years prior to this one, but Delta came to this game with intent. Delta beat Montrose 3-1, setting Montrose back for a record of 0-1. Delta continued this record, later becoming league champions for the second year in a row.


Delta went on to what they thought would be the end of their season against Timnath and Academy. These games were crucial to the team, determining whether they would be one of the 12 teams for 3A attending state at the Denver Coliseum. Delta began this tournament with a 3-0 record against Timnath before playing academy next for their secured spot at state. These young women ended up securing that spot going 3-0 with Academyas well, guaranteeing their spot among the other 11 teams for 3A attending state, titling them regional champions.


Delta ended their season on a high note going to state. The Lady Panthers got to experience State for the first time since 2016. Delta got to play Centari for the second time this season and took another hard loss 1-3. They then had the opportunity to play Lamar, #1 in the state for their second game at state. This second loss sent Delta home because of the double elimination bracket. They left this state tournament losing to Lamar 3-0. 


In conclusion Delta had a very successful season, advancing to state for this first time in six years. Sophia Chavez said “This season went unexpectedly well, I enjoyed getting better at positions I’ve never played and being put into uncomfortable environments, including state, and giving 110% as a team as we said we’d do since our first tournament together.”