Damien Gallegos: An in-depth look at who he is

Kenneth Osborn

 Damien Gallegos is a high school student and football player at Delta High School. Gallegos started playing football as soon as he could, starting by playing flag football. 

Growing up, Gallegos said “It was back and forth with my Denver family and here because I would go visit Denver every third weekend of the month, but overall it was really enjoyable.”

Gallegos said that the reason he continued playing football was because “Others around me supported me and I enjoy the ups and downs of the sport.” Gallegos continued “My biggest strength is my speed,” as he shows that off in this season. 

Gallegos has played a wide variety of positions ranging from wide receiver, running back, and even corner back in his high school career. With this, he has had 6 total touchdowns and has accumulated a total of 220 rushing yards. 

Gallegos had a plan for practicing for the first round of playoffs against Berthound in November: “I practiced all week and made sure to focus on what I needed to improve on.” 

Gallegos enjoys football, but most of all he enjoys “the memories you make along the way with all of your teammates and the crazy stuff that we do together. From this season my best memory is for sure when I caught the first playoff touchdown of the year.”

 Gallegos said “My favorite memories from football are when we travel and stay in the hotel rooms. It’s so fun.”

All players have people who influence their lives and for Gallegos, it is a close friend by the name of Aj. Like all of us, Gallegos has heroes, some of them that he looks up too are the musicians Baby Keem, Drake, A Boogie, Lil Baby and Kai Cenat.

When asked about Gallegos’s future, Gallegos had aspirations of starting a career as a barber But what made Gallegos want to be a barber? 

“My barber Chris Mattox convinced me when I went to get a haircut from him.”  Gallegos said “I want to be a barber because I find it boosts my morale making other people look/feel better. ¨

“My football career isn’t what I’ve strive for because of my size; track is a better sport for me.” 

“My goal is to never stop learning more. I plan on opening my own barbershop and what would really help with that is a track scholarship.” Gallegos continued,  “I’m getting really good and tapers.” Gallegos takes classes at the technical college in town. 

Gallegos also does track and field where he has had four first place finishes, 11 second places, and five third places. He has been in the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 4 x 100 meter, 2 x 200 meter, 4 x 400 meter, 4 x 800 meter, and long jump. He has placed first in long jump, 4 x 200 meter and the 400 meter.