Should teachers be able to display what they want in their classrooms?

Alex Burruss

Delta High School has a lot of opinions, including what is appropriate to display in a classroom, so I asked students and teachers for their opinions.

Q) Do you think that teachers should be able to hang what they want in their classrooms?

Junior Andrew Priestley said, “Yes unless it is excessively offensive, but as a general rule, yes.”


Freshman Owen Esser said, “I don’t believe that it’s a good thing to let teachers have political messages in their room, especially around impressionable kids.”

Danielle Lopez, a math teacher at Delta High School said, “No, I don’t think that kids know what my political beliefs are. I’m here to teach them math and science and not politics or religion.”

Senior Jenna Reece said, “Yes, but it depends because the students will be able to judge what they say.”

Senior Syd Varshock said, “Yes, it’s really important for students to know what our teacher’s ideas are.”