Delta County plans to renovate gyms and locker-rooms…

Are you ready?

Sophia Chavez

Delta County voters passed a bond in November to begin the remodeling process for the gym and locker rooms in the Delta County high schools.

 Both the locker rooms and gym are in the original state since Delta High School was built in 1981.

“They are hiring architects where then it goes to the design engineering and permitting process,” said Jeremy McCormick, Delta High School’s athletic director and assistant principal.    

McCormick said renovations will start somewhere in 2024. Changes are usually held off until the bond is completely ready.

“Because you can’t renovate until you have the bond passed. You don’t want to spend money on design and engineering…So it’s going to be done in phases. I don’t really want to, you know, miss on the exact timeline because I think that could probably change.”

 The School board approved hiring RTA architectural firm onto the project during the board meeting on January 26.

Delta County citizens voted for this change for a few reasons: one being that we have on average about 600 kids throughout the day, all of whom need PE credits and the gym and locker-rooms arent providing the space necessary to house these classes throughout the day. 

Another reason is the lack of security. All Delta County Schools will potentially be adding more effective door security in both the locker-rooms and gym.