And that’s a wrap for our Delta High Basketball Seniors

Alexia Sanchez

Ellie Ames – 

Pre-game rituals help Ames prepare for the game. She believes in eliminating distractions, boosting self-confidence, and getting focused on the game.  “I’d say pretty much the only pregame ritual we have is listening to music obnoxiously loud and taking like 30 minutes to put our jerseys on,” said Ellie Ames.

Playing against a tough team helps the team get better for future games whether you win or lose. “The toughest team we played was either Fruita or Rocky Mountain in the beginning of the season because they both play intense defense for all four quarters and hit shots from everywhere on the court.” said Ames.

The friendships you make during your season make playing basketball worth all the hard work. “My favorite thing about playing basketball for Delta was being able to spend so much time with my teammates because we made it so far in playoffs every year. I love the friendships that have come from being a part of this team the most because they are what makes so many hours in gym worth it in the end.“

Position played – Point guard 

Shoe size – 9

Height- 6’0

Pregame song – Our Song by Taylor Swift 

Played since 2nd grade

Ames isn’t sure what college she’ll go to but she plans on majoring in elementary education.