Tennis is in full swing

Rebecca Gonzalez

With the spring season on the cusp of being in full bloom, everything is starting back up, which includes spring sports. One of those is women’s tennis. While everyone is excited to get back into the groove of something they enjoy, others worry about what the season will look like.

Last season, the Delta High School tennis team graduated half of the Varsity Tennis lineup, six seniors, and with only five varsity members, who would’ve known what would happen when going against teams with a full varsity lineup this season? With 12 years of experience, Junior Shayla Curtis wonders the same thing.

  “I was worried because we had graduated half of our varsity team and we could count our JV on one hand, but I’m really glad we had many new girls decide to try it this year, ” said Curtis.

But that simply wasn’t the case for the 2023 tennis season, where not only did they have multiple new recruits try their hands in tennis, ranging from freshmen and older, but in addition, Coach Christina Curtis said that everyone who did not graduate last season came back this year to try and snag a spot of the varsity team.

A tennis lineup usually consists of three singles players, four doubles teams, and an alternate who substitutes for any varsity player in any circumstance. But for either singles or doubles, the rules are generally the same except for line markings when playing singles. Just like with any other sport, the different rules in tennis are what makes it not only difficult but rewarding to play. With so many different variables, you have to learn before you love it. 

“The toughest thing about it is not getting in your own head during a match, but my favorite thing to do is hitting kill shots,” said Curtis.

But the problem of so many seniors graduating last year could be a possible positive for prospects of making varsity. Chloe Sharpe, a freshman playing 2 doubles this year, said, “I feel super good about it because the upperclassmen are super nice and accepting and that is why my favorite thing about tennis is the people I get to play with.”

Even with so many obstacles for this year’s team that include learning the sport for the ‘newbies’, practicing, and getting back into the groove of things, the odds look to be in the team’s favor.

“Our lineup is strong, even the freshmen are quick learners. I just hope we can keep moving forward with our progress, not only as great tennis players but as a team as well,” said Senior and one of two team captains this year, Sharon Vigil.