Sock goblin raids in Delta

Kenneth Osborn


This Friday there were multiple reports of goblin raids. These goblins come in the night wearing socks over their heads. Their motive is unknown but some have suspected that the goblins steal the socks to replace the ones that they have some have also suspected that they use the socks as currency. 


“When I woke up my socks were gone they even took the dirty ones.” Said Jack Boing. After calling the local law enforcement Delta police spent the rest of the day tracking down the goblins. They eventually found them after they reportedly found a trail of socks leading to their layer. 


“I use socks all the time and I can’t buy socks from the store because I always get the cops called on me,” said Bigaly Boo the goblin that was found with the stolen socks. He publicly apologized to the public and has given all of the socks that he has stolen back. 


Bigaly Boo is now starting a movement to allow goblins to buy socks from stores without any trouble. He and his wife Migaly Boo have seen overwhelming support from both goblins and humans alike. 

April Fools!