Are chickens quitting the egg business?

Alexia Sanchez

As the demand for eggs is increasing the number of chickens is decreasing. The chicken farmers are working the chickens too hard to produce enough eggs to ship to stores that they are quitting. They’ve had enough and because of this, the egg prices and demand will still increase as more and more chickens are leaving due to exhaustion. 

On a normal work day chickens are popping about seven to ten eggs and after two weeks of doing so, they produce around 70 eggs. They are quitting from all the labor and pain it is putting them through. 

The chickens have started protesting outside of the chicken farms and farmers are not having it. They hold signs saying “Chicken lives matter” or “Let us rest.” These protests show no sign of stopping and even police are supporting the chickens.

“I don’t understand why they are doing this, laying eggs is their one job,” said farmer Rowley, who has been working at Chicken Coops farm for 20 years. “I’ve never seen anything like this before and let me tell you it’s so strange.” 

Chicken Coops has lost about 30,000 chickens and is losing profits very quickly to the point they may have to file for bankruptcy. Chicken Coops let out a statement to the press to address this problem.

“We are working with the chickens to help what fits their needs at this moment so we will be getting you those eggs real soon,” said Chicken Coops. 

Do the chickens a favor and don’t buy eggs for a while so they can get a well-deserved break.


Happy April Fools!