Trump and Biden Secret Love Affair, Trump Pregnant??

Shelby Pride

A member of Biden’s staff, who had requested to remain anonymous for legal reasons, had reported she had seen Trump visiting Biden’s office more and more, followed by loud creaking noises.


After about 2 months of this curious affair, Trump had been facing morning sickness and after 3 pregnancy tests, and one ultrasound, Trump was allegedly confirmed to be pregnant with Biden’s child.


When asked about why the affair occurred in the first place, Trump said, “It’s because Mars is in retrograde.”


After 9 months of hellish pregnancy torture, Trump had given birth to a beautiful baby boy that they had named Bump Triden, a mixture of the two lovers’ names. However in childbirth, Trump passed away, and now Biden is suing Bump Triden for killing his one true love.

For legal reasons this entire article is a joke, please don’t sue us, have a nice April fools 🙂