Watch Out, Conquering Frogs Reining Delta

Jasmin Saenz

Poisonous, slimy, harmful frogs with firearms are conquering the planet and their first step is to take over the tiny town of Delta Colorado. It’s unknown why the amphibian species is targeting Delta first, but citizens need to be on the lookout for the creature.

To prevent frogs from harming citizens and wreaking havoc, the United States is sending one thousand armed troops. Citizens can also use their own firearms to fend off the amphibians from their own homes and businesses. 

“Delta is experiencing a major overthrow. We need to protect the town from these frogs before they take over any other part of the United States and harm the people”, said President Joe Biden.

Biden also said, “America is a nation that can be defined in a single word, Asufutimaehaehfutbw ”. 

The frog’s initial step is to cover buildings and sidewalks with slippery, sticky slime. They plan to have people encased in slime once they slip over it, like a spider trapping their prey with their webs. If that fails, they plan to invade citizens’ homes, destroy everything inside, and harm the inhabitants. 

Invading frogs, along with their king, set fire to Delta’s Main Street while the army tries to fend them off.

“I can’t believe in my fifty years of living that frogs would invade my hometown. I’ve always hated frogs but now I hate them more”, said Billy-Bob Dansmith, a local rancher.

Beware of the frogs and stay safe.

April Fools!