What does our future hold?

Sara Clark

Sometimes it feels like this generation is doomed. That is, the generation about to graduate highschool or college. The generation that hasn’t lived life yet. The generation that doesn’t trust the government or authority figures. The generation that is scared – scared to grow up, scared to change.


Why be scared though, right? I mean the country’s in unchangeable debt, schools are shot up everyday, women are losing their rights, voices are being silenced just for the diversity seen in our “melting pot”. THEIR student voices are being silenced. This generation is put off as rebellious and different, loud and annoying. Some don’t want this generation’s voices to be heard. But aren’t their voices the ones that need to be heard?


 All of the decisions that YOUR generation makes will affect this generation too. However, where is this generation’s voice in those decisions? All of the decisions that affect this age, don’t have their voices to support them. How is this generation supposed to support a government that doesn’t even support them? 


Education in the states are failing this education. How is this generation supposed to afford any education past high school? Let alone high school itself? How are they supposed to learn when they’re scared to go to school? All of these questions, and yet no answers. No solutions. Nothing. 


This generation is scared that the Earth itself won’t be able to sustain them. Every day you see more and more news articles about how the ozone layer is dying, how we need more oil, how pollution is affecting every living thing on the Earth. And it feels as though nobody bats an eye, just simply doesn’t care. THERE IS NO OTHER EARTH. This is the only one that every generation has. 


All of these problems, and yet no “clear” solution has been found. But, the answer is right in the open, it’s just getting there that’s the problem. If every single person on Earth stopped for a minute and started to care, we could fix this. If everyone on Earth stopped hating, we could fix this. If everyone on Earth had a little more kindness, we could fix this. 


Sadly, this will never happen. There will ALWAYS be someone that has to hate, or ignore, or put others down. We can use the excuse of ‘human nature’ but excuses didn’t get anyone out of trouble. Because of this, it’s important that everyone tries to do their part in protecting the future. So that this generation doesn’t have to ask questions like, “Where does my future lie?”