On the Highway to Highschool

Plenty of students are ready to take life by the horns and start the next chapter of their lives after graduation, but for some, their adolescence is just beginning. With the challenges that these new high school students will face, they also have to think of the big step they’ll be taking in the right direction. They can’t do it alone, and that’s why we have people ranging from teachers to seniors trying to show them the ropes. One of the best tactics is introducing them with a night of knowledge. 

At Delta High, the event deemed, ‘Highway to Highschool’ gets teachers and students together to learn about the staff, the layout of the school, and booths containing all the electives available. As students walked past tables in the main hallways, they try to find what they think is something they’d enjoy and sign up for later notifications of events. 

All the enticing booths showed off what and why these new students should join a plethora of clubs. To show off each component of extracurriculars, the tables were adorned with recent awards they’ve won, past works, and other knick-knacks that would show off the elective and how much fun it can be. But even with all the hard work these students and their organizations put into it, how do they know if it pays off?

Delta High started this introduction not too long ago but the payoff seen has been great. With the extracurriculars booths, the chance to get involved in something you’ve never thought of joining. At the Speech and Debate Interest table, the family just keeps growing with members showing off the State Championship trophy from this year and show new high school students how they can be involved in the effort for next year’s strive to greatness.

“I definitely feel more prepared because a lot of the kids don’t know what the clubs were and I got to meet cool people. Maybe I’ll make new friends in these clubs,” upcoming freshman Isabella Gonzalez said.

As Gonzalez walked the halls, she noticed clubs that she would have thought were available, like HOSA or Dance Club. Friends and family alike walked around as well and noticed neat extracurriculars they can become involved in, nudging each child in a fun direction. This event helps be a guiding step for these 8th graders to get out of their comfort zones. 

But this wasn’t just a positive experience for the new high schoolers, but the students and teachers within the clubs. Like-minded peers get together in something they’re passionate about and are able to show it to the next generation of members. Every booth had a great turnout of students interested in the clubs and sports there are to offer. 

For example, FFA sold the idea of agriculture, welding, ranching, and more and had many students interested in trying their hand at it. 

Student integration is vital to having the school life stay alive and be a safe place for learning and students. With the Highway to Highschool Night, it looks like everyone in attendance has high hopes for the future.

8th Grader, Isabella Gonzalez seeking interest into the new Dance Team with DHS Junior Regann Alsdorf.
FFA shows off their accomplishments and encourages new members to join.