Teacher mindsets: Hurting Student’s Education

Mackenzie Miracle

In my school, there are struggles with students engaging in their education in and out of school. What provokes this?

A teacher’s behavior has a huge impact on a student’s performance. A teacher’s personality or way of teaching can affect the ability for students to process information.

This could result in a disruption to obtaining higher education in our learning environment. 

There is an agreed salary before school staff accepts a desired position. 

I personally have several teachers that are constantly complaining about their compensation. I continually witness the following comments, “ I don’t get paid enough to be here.” That same joking-negativity doesn’t make it easier to learn, but worsens the classroom atmosphere.

We as students would love to see our teaching staff actually take satisfaction and accountability into molding the future generations of Delta County and beyond. Isn’t that a teacher’s job?

For example,  when a teacher has a bad attitude towards students, it affects learning ability and productivity. Their alumni could be acting out of spite or not, it doesn’t fix the student’s problems or work nor the teacher’s.It is probable that students and teachers both would like to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

This being said, with so much turmoil and controversy in this world, I believe positive mannerisms portrayed by all teaching staff could change the face of education for future students in general. From higher grades to better attitudes seen in class, the solution seems cliche, it is just more positivity.