The artistic expression of Simone Stanish

Simone Stanish stands in front of the cold ocean waves.

Simone Stanish stands in front of the cold ocean waves.

Shiba Towne

In the cold, wet, lands of the Alaskan forest lies a village known as Seldovia, where an 18 year old artist creates beautiful and unique works of art. Vibrant colors fill the page with mystical creatures and ethereal concepts, straight from the mind of Simone Stanish.

Stanish describes her artwork as “ something you’d see tucked away in a random corner or attic.  It’s good enough that you don’t want to throw it away but you just don’t quite know where it fits in.  It’s not too loud, often it doesn’t hold any greater meaning. It was just fun to make, and when it’s over, I move on.” Stanish primarily draws concepts from her own lore-rich universe known as “ The Rangers”. 


Simone’s Concept of creatures that live in the region of Fiell, a region in her created world.


Stanish’s style takes things many people take for granted in the world, and shapes them to be in her own unique vision, almost like an impressionist but better. Stanish’s combination of colors and unique linework offer a new perspective, whether it is the skies or Nacho from the prequel series “Better Call Saul.” 

“ I draw both traditionally, with pencils and markers, as well as digitally with a graphics tablet. Both are good for different reasons.  I like traditional because I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s much easier for me to sketch, plus having something physical to hold onto is pretty cool.  Digital is nice because I love adding random textures to things and playing with effects! They’re both fun, I can’t pick a favorite,” Stanish said. 

“ My process is constantly changing; one day I’ll dread sketching and love inking, the next I’ll be obsessed with coloring and throw the lineart out the window.  I’m still learning and I think it’s only natural to keep trying to find what works best for me.  Plus I just think it’s fun to mix things up!”

Simone’s digital portrait of actor Micheal Mando, or “Nacho”.
Simone’s Digital drawing of a “silly little scrunkly”.


Stanish’s artwork clearly displays her creative thought and expression within each piece, whether that be concepts for “The Rangers” or the “silly little scrunklies” you see adorned throughout her work. Her unique style portrays her growth as both an artist and a writer, leaving her audience to await her next project. 

“I draw because it gives me joy, I can only hope that others will get the same enjoyment from my art as I do.  I’m not trying to change the world or anything, just make someone smile,” says Stanish.