Cedaredge eyes the opening of a New Mexican restaurant


Rodrigo Lopez posing with the American flag.

Lee Arias

As the year goes on, the scene for new businesses and restaurants increases, and it’s exciting to see how a business does overall. Rodrigo Lopez, a sophomore at DHS, gets to experience this first-hand since his dad, Miguel Lopez is opening a new restaurant in Cedaredge called ‘La Familia Restaurant’.


“It’s been both stressful and exciting for our family since opening a new restaurant comes with many great perks, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities as well,”  Lopez said.


Not only does this decision impact Lopez, but it also impacts his family since they are involved in the opening of the business and will help bring the restaurant to life. “For my part, my dad has asked me to help wait tables, clean when needed, and in general help with the needs and wants of the restaurant,” Lopez said.


Although opening and managing a new restaurant seems like a tall task, Lopez has the experience under his belt. He has worked and managed Fiesta Vallarta in Delta and has gained knowledge of the in-and-outs of how a restaurant works. “ I feel very confident in my abilities, on how to open a restaurant, and know how to get the required materials needed to successfully operate,” said Lopez.


The restaurant hasn’t quite opened yet, so Lopez hasn’t been expected to be flexible with his work and school schedule. However, when the restaurant is up and running, he will have to manage working in Cedaredge and fit his hobbies and activities all in the same day. “Work and leisure is very hard to manage at the same time but when done right, it becomes the start of a great summer season.” 


 Lopez has also taken into consideration that he will need a staff and system to make things more efficient and less time consuming. His family is also considered to be of help, but the hiring process is one of the major things that Lopez has to take into account.


 “You may think that the hiring process is simple and easy, but it’s quite the opposite. When hiring, you must find somebody that is trustworthy and kind in order to create a good work environment. They must also be a hard worker and must strive to succeed at what they do. There’s plenty to take into factor, but the process is ongoing and it must not be taken lightly”  Lopez said. 


Paty Duran, wife of Lopez and mother of Rodrigo Lopez, has struggled, but improved keeping her composure in this scary decision the family is making. “At first, I was skeptical about the idea of opening a restaurant and the problems that can come along with it. But my husband reassured me that although this might be challenging, in the long run, we still have our family and are very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to open in the summer,” Mrs. Lopez said.


The Lopez family is shooting to open La Familia Restaurant by summer of 2023 and expects to ‘wow their customers’ with their service and products. “I’m excited to see how my business does and I welcome everybody from all around the state to come try our Mexican food that has been made with love and effort!” Lopez said.