Watch for this teacher in the bathrooms: Renee Cronenberg

Wyatt Phillips

In Delta High School, few teachers can joke with you like they know you, but Renee Cronenberg is an exception. Cronenberg is one of the best teachers in the school and many people say that they love her and come into her room just to talk to her for fun in their free time. At one time today, Cronenberg pulled a kid into his class because he was flirting with a girl,that’s how close she is to these kids.

Cronenberg wakes up to a shower, a cup of coffee, and her bible study. From there she heads to school at around 7:30. Cronenberg’s first class of the day is algebra one.



“I want to help these kids come to school, and teach them how to pass a class,” said Cronenberg.


During every passing period, Cronenberg goes to the bathroom to make sure there are no kids vaping in the bathroom or doing anything wrong. She enjoys joking with the people around her. She is known as a friendly teacher who everyone gets along with. She will play hit a kid on the shoulder. After Cronenberg patrols the halls of the high school, she has to teach her first AP class, AP Stats, where they are doing a project on probability.

 “ I want something for them to do so they don’t ask me to leave every day. It also brings up their grade if they need it; it’s something fun to do, ” said Cronenberg.

In Cronenberg’s first AP classes, she has a passing period where she goes out into the hallway to talk to the other teachers and watch out for the bathroom to see if she can catch a kid vaping in the bathroom again. With Cronenberg’s AP classes, she ended up being a little late or she will sometimes leave to do something, trusting in her AP class kids. She trusts these kids because they are older and she had know them for years she also knows some of their parents.


“ I have only had to kick one or two kids out of my classes a year. If I can keep them busy then there will never really be a reason to kick them out. They will behave,” said Cronenberg.


From there, Cronenberg has a free planning period where she helps students, for example, a kid who had missed a lot of class from sports. Cronenberg said that’s what she does in her free time.


“ I have chickens, pigs, and cows to take care of I also work out three times a week and I have to flood irrigate my yard, but I and my mom are going to Alaska for two weeks, so I won’t have to do it. My husband and son will have to do it,” Cronenberg said.


Cronenberg said “ I have taught 28 years in two districts four schools going through the 9 to 12 grade I have had 8 principals and only taught in one state” Cronenberg had taught at Longmont, and in her first year teaching she had five principals.

 Cronenberg said, “Sophomore Pre-AP Geo is my favorite they are an energetic group and want to learn.”