In the shoes of an Assistant Manager

Luis Segura

Raquel Chavez did some crazy things while she was an assistant manager which includes people yelling at her and even banning them at the store. She is an assistant manager at City Market in Delta. She works as a personal manager and works on day-to-day operations. Raquel Chavez has been in the company for 15 years, starting as a bakery manager and then moving on to her new role as an assistant now for 3 years. What she does is achieve and exceed weekly, period, and annual sales wage budgets and profit budgets, and other targeted goals.

Chavez’s favorite part about working for City Market is learning and being able to accomplish the store’s goals. Her role is merchandise management, store operations, and customer relations. 

“A little bit about myself is I am passionate about my job and very organized. I am a people person and I am a natural leader,” said Chavez. 

Her motivation for doing a good job is creating a good environment for her team to work together and getting employees’ feedback on what’s working and not working well. Then she comes up with a plan to move forward. So what is it like to work with her she checks in her office, contains emails, has teams meetings, and makes sure that the shelfs are restocked.

Chavez getting ready for inventory in the store to make sure that everything is stocked.
It is a very busy weekday at the store with the store sales going on.