Inside the life of student-athlete Emma Kappel

Emma Kappel is busy working hard at school.

Emma Kappel is busy working hard at school.

Olivia Hines

As busy as she is, she still manages to get it all done. Emma Kappel, a student, an athlete, and a part-time employee has to manage her time in order to be able to make everything work. 

Emma Kappel is a freshman student-athlete at Delta High School. As an athlete, Kappel is a libero on the freshman volleyball team and even swings for junior varsity. But outside of school. All while managing her time to make sure she gets her homework done and has time to practice, Kappel works at a beauty salon named Raw Beauty Ink as a part-time employee. She works every Saturday from 11-4 and Tuesdays from 4-9, and makes minimum wage. 

Kappel takes her education and being able to maintain good grades very important, while still being able to do things that she loves. Maintaining a 3.6 GPA, Kappel proves that it is possible. 

“I don’t let my grades go below a B and I do my work and turn it in on time,” said Kappel. This is Kappel’s key tactic for staying caught up throughout the year. 

Academics are important to Kappel. “Reading and writing are not only my favorites but also important. I want to go to college and I feel like you always have to write papers so it’s a good skill to be good at,” said Kappel.

Volleyball is the only sport that Kappel plays, although she takes it very seriously. Kappel attends the summer weights program that Beth Nelson, the head volleyball coach at Delta High School, runs. She also has excellent attendance at the out-of-town camps. 

Not only does she put in the work at school and over the summer, but she also puts in the work at home. Kappel has a practice net can set up and practice with. “I mainly practice serving since I don’t have anyone to practice with,” said Kappel. 

Kappel said, “Sometimes it gets hard to manage everything, but in the end, I know everything will be worth it.” Since she is only working part-time, she makes minimum wage. 

From student to athlete, to employee, Emma Kappel does it all and does it well. “It’s a lot for sure, definitely not for the weak,”.said Kappel.