Jumping into the assembly with pep


Taylor Reilly, Social Media Twitter Editor

The homecoming football game is always one of the biggest games all year. But before the players go to defend the school, there’s always a pep-assembly. The assembly has engaging activities, and occasionally, a new thing will be introduced. 

This year the show choir sang the national anthem, directed by Mr. Loeffler. “They were all in rhythm and on beat,” Janelle Marushack, freshman, said. 

Some of the games this year were the class cheers, which seniors won, a relay, musical chairs, and a duct tape game. “The games are always fun. There’s just, like, too much time in between. There was, like, a lot of quiet,” Remi Baldwin, senior, said.

Something new that was introduced this year was the teacher skits. Some people liked the skits and thought they were fun, and some people didn’t. “I wasn’t a huge fan of them. I think my most favorite one was the freshman one, which was just a freshman song. And that’s because I knew that one. It wasn’t really entertaining and it was kinda weird,” Nylene Gutierrez, freshman, said. 

Because of all the activities and how much time is spent, not everyone enjoys the assembly. “I thought it was not worth my time, I would rather be at home spending my few hours before work to relax and have my own time. My opinion is that I don’t like the assembly. I am not at this school for ‘panther pride.’ I am at school to pass and get out with my piece of paper,” Destin Vasquez, junior, said. 

Unlike Vasquez and a lot of other students, some people enjoy the assembly. “I thought that the assembly was fun. I really liked the teacher activities that were there this year. I enjoyed seeing the class competitions,” said Ms. Hendrix, French and ESL teacher. 

The assembly ended with more rewards and shout outs. Later that night, the football team played their rival for the night and won.