Storm Front


Storm Front, a Jim Butcher novel, is the first in The Dresden Files. The novel follows wizard Harry Dresden on a mission to stop a supernatural killer before he gets the chance to kill again. Dresden is joined by a unique cast of characters, most of which stick with him for the later books. Storm Front is a thrilling jump into a dark but silly series with a deep story.

I recently finished this book, and I enjoyed it just as much the third time as I did the first time. Honestly, this book is way out of my normal genre. I like dark and gritty novels with a serious plot. I like things that are grounded in reality. In fact, one of my least favorite genres is the fantasy genre. The Dresden Files, specifically Storm Front is a fun and playful fantasy/crime novel. 

One thing about me is that I have a tough time with female characters. I prefer reading from a male perspective and generally find male characters more interesting. A good thing that Butcher does with Storm Front is write realistic and lovable female characters. As with most series, the audience comes to know the characters more as it continues, and that goes for this series as well. Thankfully, the characters grip the readers and make them want to learn more, me, at least.

As someone who has read the entire series, I know what happens and what my favorite thing about the series is. I can strongly recommend this book for readers who are interested in fantasy or crime, or even readers who are looking for something a little different! 

Storm Front is a fantastic mix of fantasy and detective fiction, mixing magic with reality in a super fun way. The story is unique and one of the most entertaining things I’ve read in a long time.