Living to serve

As always, the Oyster Fry and Member Auction is being held at Delta High School and getting run by the FFA members on Oct. 9. This is a long lasting tradition that the Delta FFA members have upheld to help out the local farmers, ranchers, and community members. While this helps them, this also helps the members at the highschool, because they learn not only how to be a future farmer, but also teamwork, how to put dedication into something, how to work hard, and overall how to be respectful.

All the FFA members severed all you can eat Rocky Mountain oysters and chicken tenders to everyone that paid $15. By the end of the night, nearly all the food was gone. After the FFA dinner, members gathered near the stage, and prepared for the auctioning. “…this event helps our members unite. They are grouped up with students they might not typically spend time with, so they get to know one another…the students work very hard…and they get to see their work pay off. When this happens, they are able to learn from one another and depend on one another, and they have fun,” said Ms. Butterfield.

Some FFA members chose to be auctioned off in private, but that doesn’t impact them with having the same experience as the others. The officers of FFA were bought for $1,800 by Derek Carlson and Renee Cronenberg. All the other members were auctioned off (as well as items) to locals with prices ranging from $200.00 to $475.00.

Brooklynn Mininger said, “So first, it’s kind of like, it may seem . . . intimidating, but it’s just six hours of labor. And like a lot of us do this at home anyways. So it’s just good to be. . .a part of the community.”