Class is stressing

School can be a stressful time for teens. I decided to dive deeper into the life of the students of Delta High School to find how stress is affecting their school and personal life. Also whether or not they have a stress reducing outlet.

Delta senior Orlando Rubio opened up about how stress affects him. “It’s just put me in a negative headspace. It’s actually making my school work better because if I don’t do good I’ll be more stressed,” Rubio said. “Getting good grades and being with people I love,” is how he said he deals with the stress.

Lennise Ball gave me her insight on the topic.“It’s affected my personal life,” Ball said. She then stated, “I relieve stress by painting.”

Stress has been seen to cause depression, heart disease, and could even lead to strokes.

Dr Julia Boyd said, “You just really have to find what works for you…each person has their own thing”. Boyd also stated many ways people fight their stress such as “sports, art, music, or any other hobby”.

Counselor Shawna Magtutu talked about how they’re working to fight student stress. “We help with stress in many ways. Graded assignments in advisory for collage. Little things for life skills. We meet with students for communication time management,” Magtutu said.

The fight against stress is on.