It’s spooky season!

Do high schoolers still dress up and trick or treat?

The tradition of dressing up on Halloween night and knocking on neighbor’s, friend’s or even stranger’s doors has been around since the 1920s. The majority of children enjoy dressing up for the event and getting lots of candy!

However, the participation of teenagers in this event is not as high as the participation of children. Some teenagers do tend to dress up and take part in this holiday tradition, while others do not. Let’s see whether or not some of our DHS students participate…

Junior Ezra Kathrien- “I never really did. I still get candy and stuff and do parties I just don’t dress up really.”

Sophomore Maria Llamas- “Yeah I still trick or treat and wear a costume because I have younger siblings I take and they dress up so, I do as well and make it a fun night for them all and like to go door to door to get different candies with friends and family and it’s fun to dress up with the whole community around you Halloween night.”

Junior Emma Corbasson- I do not trick or treat because my family always does Halloween parties. As well, I much prefer enjoying a scary movie with a group of friends verses wandering around house to house getting candy I don’t always like. Besides there are always good 50% off sales at Walmart the next day.