Crushed it: DHS STUCO shares love while raising dough


Nylene Gutierrez, Social Media Snapchat Editor

It’s that time of year again where love is in the air, especially at Delta High School. Student council started a fundraiser on February 4 going all the way to February 11 called “Crush Can,” which gave students an opportunity to give their crush a little something for Valentine’s Day.

The way this is designed to work is if a student paid $2, student council will give that student’s crush the orange soda “Crush” with a note saying “I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU” along with any message that that student wants to put. Once the crush receives the soda, they would have an option to pay $1 in order to find out who gave them the soda. But the only way this couldn’t happen is if the student pays $2 and an additional dollar to keep themselves anonymous from their crush. 

While students are giving their crush something, they are also helping out Shad Lewis’s family. All the money student council receives from the students and from the fundraiser is going to be given to the Lewis family. 

“So far we’ve made $123 and we’ve had many donations. Coach Witt made a very generous $50 donation. . . others have been very generous with how they’ve spent it and have been very open minded to how the fundraising is working,” said Balli Hulet.