Crying Babies:

Lots of whining in the halls and classes


Shieann Wilson, Writer

As March comes to an end, stakes are high and sleep is little. Delta High School’s health teacher, Julie Boyd, runs the baby project where groups of two are given a baby to take care of through school and the night time.
Sanna Ashurst said “I took a baby for a friend and fed it but it wanted to cry every time I moved.”  In the classrooms of many, babies cry and tension is rising. Grades are counting on this one project one wrong placement or one missed cry and your grade drops.
Some students such as freshman Juan Jaracuraro are redoing the baby project because he and his partner only scored a 60%. “Yeah I’m going to re do it because this is a big grade and we scored fairly low.”  Jaracuraro scored low because the baby cried for too long and not enough head support. Students and teachers would grow very annoyed very fast, and comment things such as “Just slap it” and “Shut that thing up.”
Classmates were not supportive and you could see the look of HELP ME in the students’ eyes that had the baby.