Morbius Review

Anika Hovel

Morbius, a Marvel adventure movie directed by Daniel Espinosa is based on comics and follows the plotline of Dr. Micheal Morbius. Morbius is a biochemist who is looking for a cure to a blood disease he possesses. While finding the cure to his rare disease, Morbius obtains a new form as a vampire. 

While most Marvel movies are produced and distributed by Disney, Sony was able to, keep its license to all characters associated with Spider-Man. Having gone through most of the top-tier villains in Spider-Man’s canon, Sony had to look back at comics to find more past villains. This brings us back to Morbius.

Morbius and Lucian are extremely good friends dating back to when they were kids. Lucian and or Milo happen to share the same rare blood disease, so when Milo sees that Morbius is cured, he uses it on himself, also being turned into a vampire.

The actors did a fantastic job with this film and there has been slight talk of another one sometime soon. Although beware of watching it seeing as some of the scenes can be taken as extremely graphic. The characters in their vampire state can also be considered slightly creepy with the face, the teeth, and the nails.

The film was rated a 17% on the ‘tomato-meter’ on Rotten Tomatoes website along with a 71% audience score. Rotten Tomatoes said, “Morbius isn’t telling the most original story, but cool visuals and fast action keep things entertaining.”

Other critics on IMDb said, “I will say that they strayed too far from the original story and made things convoluted.” 

Seeing a theme in the reviews and after watching it myself, I can agree that it could’ve been better, but was definitely entertaining.