Softball seniors Q&A


Elena Hancock, Social Media Instagram Editor

How long have you played softball?

Amanda Cotten:                           Kayla Gisoldi:

Whole life, since tball.                        3 years.


What is your favorite memory from playing softball?

Amanda Cotten:                           Kayla Gisoldi:

State last year I went in for            Eloise’s team dinner sophomore.

Makayla and hit a double, year.

then ended up scoring the 

winning run.


What are your thoughts on your last Homecoming game?

Amanda Cotten:                             Kayla Gisoldi:

It was sad, glad we won,                    It was sad.

and started off HOCO 

week with a win.


Do you plan on playing softball after high school?

Amanda Cotten:                           Kayla Gisoldi:

No I am not.                                       Yes, hopefully get a scholarship.


What can you learn from playing softball that you can take into your everyday life?

Amanda Cotten:                            Kayla Gisoldi:

Leadership skills,                               Always try to have fun.

thinking ahead, and

overcoming tough